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@OperaWinfrey_AR great piece on 60 Minutes.


“Glenn Bill is in the top .0002% of business leaders in North America today…you can trust that he stands ready to deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.”

Darren Hardy

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Compound Effect and Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

“Coach Bill’s book has helped me thoroughly assess my attitude, as well as my ability to interact at a higher level with my peers. He has profoundly assisted me with great professional developmental tools. Great insights!”

Dujuan Daniels

Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots National Scout

“Engage with Glenn, he delivers high-energy with a side of humor, and he is passionate about it. My personal advice, don’t just hire Glenn, get to know him and his story…great guy!”

Jeffrey Gitomer

Hall of Fame Speaker, Sales Trainer and New York Times Bestselling Author

Meet Glenn Bill


At the age of 19, Glenn received his Real Estate license and the Indianapolis market was never the same. He quickly rose to the top of his seventy-five agent office and stood out as one of the top producers regionally. Glenn was recognized as one of the Top 10 sales people in the nation for closing over 200 home sales just after the market crash in 2007. He has mastered the business of selling and continues to do so today.


After three years of becoming a top salesperson, Glenn purchased his own franchise at the age of 23. The market was astonished and was sure he was destined to fail. Through his passion, vision, drive and learned sales skills, he grew his organization into one of the most successful real estate offices in the world.


If selling and owning a real estate company wasn’t enough, Glenn has coached at a local High School for the past 20 years. His desire to influence the younger generation and teach the value of being a part of a whole is one of his greatest accomplishments. He understands and lives by the coaching philosophy that “people will always do more for others than they will for themselves, especially if it is another person sharing a common vision.” Glenn has been a part of 13 state championship teams, which is a record in the state of Indiana.


Understanding the value of serving others has always been at the top of Glenn’s list. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Timmy Foundation which gives medical aid throughout the world and has given over $2 million dollars of medical supplies throughout the world yearly. Glenn also founded a local charity called The Legacy Foundation, which provides immediate assistance to those who suffer from personal and/or financial reversals.


However, his most important accomplishment and greatest source of inspiration for his attitude and passion is the fulfilling life he has created with his childhood sweetheart and wife and their four children. They are the WHY behind his drive, success and fulfillment.

Glenn Bill

Glenn Bill is a serial entrepreneur and ravenous learner of attitude and self-improvement.

Glenn’s latest endeavor is the University of Attitude. His goal: to change the world one attitude at a time.

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Attitude Class

Attitude Class

This full day workshop will enable you to get, keep and maintain a YES Attitude!

Effort Workshop

Effort Workshop/Keynote Address

Stop neglecting what you know you need to do, come and learn.

Expectations Workshop

Expectations Workshop/Keynote Address

If you dont have your plan for fulfillment you will by the end of this class!

YES! Attitude

YES! Attitude Workshop/Keynote Address

In this full-day workshop, based on this attitude-altering book, you will have the opportunity to uncover the secret to a YES! Attitude.

University of Attitude - Glenn Bill

Glenn Bill speaks from his experience. He believes and lives that attitude is the ultimate differentiator on any team, in any company or during any crisis or achievement. He will show you how to elevate your attitude and create ultimate success in anything you pursue.

Glenn has the formulas, the assessments and the history to show you that dominating with attitude is as easy as the ABC’s.

The University of Attitude is America’s #1 resource for attitude achievement. Glenn is the Head Attitude Coach who will get you there.

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